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Ortho Evidence Sheet: Upper Quarter

This evidence based double-sided laminated sheet is an effort to put key upper quarter clinical prediction rules, diagnostic tests and treatment based classifications at the finger tips of clinicians and students alike to facilitate evidence based practice. All clinical prediction rules and treatment based classifications are ranked for clinical applicability. (*printed items are on light blue security paper)


  • Neck Pain Treatment Based Categories
  • Lateral epicondylalgia treatment algorithm
  • Clinical Prediction Rules (CPR)
  • CPR: Patients with neck pain whose thoracic spine should be mobilized
  • CPR: Patients who respond well to cervical manipulation
  • CPR: Patients with Chronic tension type headaches who respond to trigger point therapy
  • CPR: Ruling in radiculopathy
  • CPR: Patients with radiculopathy that would most likely succeed with physical therapy
  • CPR: Patients with lateral epidondylalgia who would respond to mobilization with movement and exercise
  • CPR: Ruling in carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Diagrams for Cervical Facet and disc referral
  • Quick interpretation table for likelihood ratios and reliability statistics
  • Global rating of Change scale to encourage outcome assessment
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Ortho Evidence Sheet: Lower Quarter


  • Low back pain treatment based Classification
  • Ruling in and Screening out Sacroiliac joint as a source of pain (algorithm)
  • CPR: Acute low back pain and manipulation
  • CPR: Patients who do not respond well to manipulation
  • CPR: Success with lumbar stabilization
  • CPR: Ruling in/screening out zygapohyseal joint as a source of low back pain
  • Screening for patients with low back pain who will likely improve or not improve with physical therapy
  • CPR: Ruling in Hip osteoarthritis
  • CPR: Patients with knee pain who would respond well to hip mobilizations
  • CPR: Patellofemoral pain patients whom you should use patellar taping on
  • CPR: Patellofemoral pain patients who may respond well with orthotics
  • CPR: Patients who respond well to manual therapy and exercise post inversion ankle sprain
  • Evidence based interventions for heel pain (Plantar fasciitis)

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