Pocket PT:

"The Sheet" Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Keep it on your clipboard during evaluations!

*Sheets are printed on light blue photocopy proof paper stock
Each 2 sided Reference Sheet includes:
  • Gait Cycle and Critical Events
  • Dermatomes, Myotomes and Reflexes
  • Easy Reference question list to do a thorough subjective evaluation
  • Recommended Test action for implicating various tissues
  • Joint Clearing for all major joints
  • Normal Joint Ranges of Motion
  • Resting position, Closed Pack Positions and Capsular patterns
  • Common Nerve Entrapment Sites
  • Common Normal Values like Q-angle, Anteversion, Tibial Torsion, etc....
  • Basic Protocols for common surgeries: ACL, Rotator Cuff Repair, etc....
  • Basic Spinal Biomechanical Rules
  • Heavy duty 7mm laminate
  • Special photocopy resistant paper
Introductory Offer: Only $6.99 + 99 cents shipping!

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